Essential Oil Qualities

The following aromatherapy product blends were obtained during a series of meditation sessions. By combining the ancient knowledge of our ancestors with the convenience of a portable spray, energy clearing has now been simplified. These mists can be used easily and effectively at home or work.

To provide you with more understanding and appreciation for the products, we have included a brief description with their qualities for each of the Three Major Oils used in each product.

aromatherapy mist - sanctuary


White Sage – Clears negative energy from a person or place. Enhances one’s ability to dream. Assists in releasing dis-ease from the body.

Sweetgrass – Assists with opening the heart, calming and soothing the mind. It is used by the Native Americans to call “good spirits” into your space.

Lavender – Provides peace of mind and emotional balance. It may: calm stressed nerves, soothe an over excited mind, and relieve a tense environment.

Aromatherapy Mist Balance


Geranium – Eases anxiety, depression and emotional imbalance. It is helpful for lethargy and mood swings.

Cedarwood – Warm, soothing, uplifting and stimulating. It is said to be useful for nervous tensions and stress related disorders.

 White Sage – Believed to strengthen the senses and the memory. It is used for nervous exhaustion and stress related conditions.

Aromatherapy Mist Peacefulness


Bergamot – Refreshing and uplifting. Can either be stimulating or sedating depending upon individual needs. (Do not apply before exposure to sunlight as it increases photosensitivity of the skin.)

Chamomile – Calming, without depressing. Promotes a sense of inner peace when feeling overwhelmed. Soothing for children in times of anxiety or stress.

Cypress – Promotes a feeling of security and grounding. It is said to balance the nervous system and aid concentration.

Aromatherapy Mist Sakkara


Frankincense – Calming and soothing for mental restlessness. It has the ability to slow down and deepen the breath. It may also uplift the spirits and improve attitude.

Myrrh – Uplifting. Promotes spiritual awareness. Used since ancient times as incense.

Jasmine – Produces a feeling of optimism, confidence and euphoria. It is uplifting and helps to reduce anxiety, apathy and depression.

Aromatherapy Mists - Healing Vibrations