Removes Negative Energy Instantly!

sanctuary aromatherapy mist

Quickly rejuvenates your mind
Clears stagnant energy
Eases nervous tension and anxiety

4 oz bottle – $27


Case 4 oz bottles – $150
(6 bottles)

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Sanctuary®, a multi-purpose spray, can erase emotions and negative thought forms you may have accumulated during your day. It not only contains the three sacred herbs of the Native Americans, but also some of the purest absolute and essential oils available.

Sanctuary® is a safe, effective and convenient alternative to burning sage or incense. Just mist around yourself and let the emotional residue dissipate from your mind and body.

This product is ideal for homes, businesses and healing centers where negative emotions, energy and pain are released.

Aromatherapy Mists - Healing Vibrations


Primary Botanicals Include:

White Sage – Clears negative energy from a person or place. Enhances one’s ability to dream. Assists in releasing dis-ease from the body.

Sweetgrass – Assists with opening the heart and calming and soothing the mind. It is used by the Native Americans to call “good spirits” into your space.

Lavender – Provides peace of mind and emotional balance. It may: calm stressed nerves, soothe an over excited mind, and relieve a tense environment.

Aromatherapy mist energy

These two Color Vision Aura photographs were taken momemnts apart at the International New Age Trade Show (INATS) on January 8, 2001.


It takes a lot to impress me. This energy clearing spray is good stuff!
– Robert Erickson, M.D., Medical Director Gainesville, FL

We love Earth Release’s Energy Clearing Mist. We use this aromatherapy to clear our veterinary hospital of fear, anxiety and other unnecessary toxic energies at least once daily. You can feel an immediate improvement in the emotions and attitude of the staff after simply misting this spray through the office. You can see the beneficial effects of this spray in the faces of our patients, dogs, cats and birds. It is so dramatic that our clients demand bottles to take home. We have a hard time keeping extra bottles for our clients. I recommend this spray for anyone who owns a business. We call it instant Feng Shui in a bottle.
Dr. Joel Murphy, Director Animal and Bird Medical Center of Palm Harbor, FL

I just love it. It refreshes and clarifies the air like a good rainstorm. It’s an excellent healing energy and it clears your aura.
Mariellen L. Kristol, B.S., A.P.FL

I love this product. I never want to be without it.
Uri Geller

I love your sprays and use them everyday. I’d like to order some bottles for my husband’s use at his clinic.
Karen Klatt, Anderson, SC

I really like your product. I spray myself from time to time and it puts me in a good mood.
– Steve Brown, Ashland, OR

I use Sanctuary® all the time personally, and mist all my clients. My clients love this product and they often say there are no words to describe this feeling of peace. It is pure and marvelous.
– Terri Bishop-Brahen, R.N., L.M.T., Ponte Vedra, FL

The product is excellent. It’s valid and effective. I use it in the office all the time.
– Gino L. Ventresca, D.D.S., Cleveland

After spritzing my home and three cats with Sanctuary, the problem cat changed to a calm, collected and dignified normal feline, relations cleared miraculously. We have changed from constant hurling of insults to the beginnings of play.
– JoAnn Marsh, Visionary Artist, Jacksonville

Sanctuary® is wonderful! I use it everywhere I go. – Erik Berglund, Muscian and Spiritual Healer I use Sanctuary® all the time personally and mist all of my clients. My clients love this product and they often say, there are no words to describe this feeling of peace, it is pure and marvelous.
Terri Bishop-Brahen, R.N., L.M.T.