Restores Peacefulness While Centering Your Mind!

Aromatherapy Mist Peacefulness

Promotes a sense of inner peace
Clears the mind and aids concentration
Soothes anger and irritability

4 oz bottle – $27

Case 4 oz bottles – $150
(6 bottles)

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Peacefulness® a refreshing aromatherapy spray is a wonderful blend of essential oils that reduces nervous tension from stress-related conditions.

Peacefulness® is a unique blend that eases the emotions associated with feeling overwhelmed or facing life’s challenges. It can also be useful to children by calming without depressing.

Aromatherapy Mists - Healing Vibrations

Primary Botanicals Include:

Bergamot – Refreshing and uplifting. Can either be stimulating or sedating depending upon individual needs. (Do not apply before exposure to sunlight as it increases photosensitivity of the skin.)

Chamomile – Calming, without depressing. Promotes a sense of inner peace when feeling overwhelmed. Soothing for children in times of anxiety or stress.

Cypress – Promotes a feeling of security and grounding. It is said to balance the nervous system and aid concentration.


A peacefulness comes over me. I’m getting sleepy with a sense of a day filled with some accomplishments.
Julia Burns, Ashland, OR

I use the Peacefulness® energy clearing spray before and after a counseling session with ADD/ADHD children. I find that when I use the spray, these children appear calmer and more focused and less resistant throughout their session.
It seems to make our sessions more productive, since I can be positively reinforcing to them for their restrained behavior.

In addition to this, I even feel more refreshed and less tired during our sessions.
Bruce Kristol, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist, FL

We use it all the time in our salon.
Bruce Musser, Stylist Owner, FL L.M.T. Jacksonville, FL