Safety Precautions

Essential oils are highly concentrated and often are 50% or more therapeutically potent than the botanicals they are extracted from. All of our products contain high quality essential oils diluted in water. Nonetheless we have listed some safety precautions for your personal usage of our unique aromatherapy spray mists.

For Best Results
  1. Always keep our mist products well out of the reach of children or pets.
  2. Shake each product thoroughly before using. Spray around head and body, but avoid the face.aromatherapy mists - tree
  3. Never take our diluted sprays internally.
  4. Store away from heat or sunlight.
  5. These products are vibrational in action, so do not store them near computers or other technology.
  6. Do not apply directly to the skin as a perfume.
  7. ake sure lid is tightly sealed.
  8. Avoid using before exposure to direct sunlight.
  9. Do not store them in your car, as the heat from the sun can alter their effectiveness.
  10. Test for susceptibility to allergic reactions, before using.
  11. Use in the home, car, office or when traveling.
  12. Change your life vibrationally one spritz at a time!