Suggested Uses for Earth Release Aromatherapy Mist Spray around your head after a stressful task, discussion or meeting.
  1.  Spray around your children’s heads prior to the start of their homework and before and after school.
  2.  Spray in your car to reduce stress related driving conditions.
  3.  Spray liberally in your home or work area to freshen and purify the environment.
  4.  Spray around your body instead of drinking excess coffee.
  5.  Cleanse foreign artifacts, recycled furniture or estate jewelry.
  6.  Liberally spritz yourself after visiting a hospital, cemetery or funeral home.
  7.  Spray your pets when they seem out of sync.
  8.  Spray your pillow for a relaxing night’s sleep.
  9.  Spray your hotel room, bed and pillow to release unwanted energies.
  10.  Spray around yourself prior to a relaxing bath or massage.  

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